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"Smoke Over Steamtown" is my impression, in pictures and the words of the people involved, of the National Parks Service historic site in Scranton Pennsylvania. It is my hope and of those at Steamtown that this book will help will pass on the knowledge of the railroaders there as well as make a case for steam preservation. Available at fine booksellers such as Ron's Book, Barnes & Noble and Amazon.

Photographer Dennis A. Livesey is a volunteer at Steamtown, and over the years he has brought his camera with him to record the things he has seen (or, better, the things he has experienced) during his time at the park. The result is the stunning Smoke Over Steamtown.
— Steve Barry, Editor, Railfan & Railroad Magazine.
This is a book of craft, bringing art to the documentation of a brief period in Steamtown’s operations. Livesey has succeeded not only in creating a fine set of images, but he has multiplied their impact through presentation and added context.
— Janusz Mrozek, Railroad Heritage,
A career cinematographer, Dennis brought his exceptional photographic skills and creative eye for nailing engaging and artful compositions to Steamtown. Smoke Over Steamtown is an exceptional work of photography and prose. Even if you’re not a dyed-in-the-wool railroad enthusiast, you’ll see Dennis Livesey’s efforts with the camera for what they are: genuine works of art.
— Ron Flannery, noted railroad historian and photographer.
Smoke Over Steamtown is a wonderful book! The superb coverage of the equipment and the people sets a new standard for contemporary rail journalism. I especially enjoyed the “Smoke Crew” interviews. They enhance the great steam photographs with a human perspective of what’s really involved is steam train operation.
— Roger Cook, noted rail author, photographer and historian.
Dennis Livesey has eloquently captured the essence, spirit, and elementary beauty of Steamtown; its steam locomotives, equipment, and most importantly, the people who make it such a magical place.
— Greg Mcdonnell, noted railroad photographer and author.